It is time to let go of the past, BE PRESENT and create a future.

Noa Ronen, CPCC – Life and Transition Certified Professional Coach

Hello, my name is Noa (without the letter h), which is a very common name for girls in Israel. Noa means movement in Hebrew, and although I am not moving all the time, movement is a big component in my life. Our family moved from Israel to Brooklyn, NY and 8 years after we moved from New York to the Triangle area in North Carolina (you can read more about it in our family blog here). These moves had an enormous influence on the way I live my life and my decision to become a life coach and support people who are going through life transitions.

If you meet with me, you will notice that I am wearing something purple, which is my favorite color; the color purple stimulates the imagination. Imagination is a big part of the work I do in helping my clients create their future vision and be present in their life.

I like to spend my alone time sipping a skim, extra hot cappuccino in a café while working, blogging and visioning my next steps, or walking joyfully to my new passion, an intense kickboxing class. When my alone time is over. I enjoy being with my three kids. Sometimes we spend the whole afternoon chatting around the kitchen bar and other times we put on some fun music and just dance around the house. I also love cooking and hosting friends. There is something special about connecting with people while enjoying good food. Although I am a good cook, I’m a pretty bad baker. Baking requires being precise and I enjoy improvising with my food and dancing with the ingredients as I do with my life. Contact me and let’s spice up your life and bring back the joy through your transition.

Missing the big picture of what it means to live in the US as a parent? Want more details to break down the fees for your offer before you move? Reach me for one time consulting call to collect the information you are missing to make the decision, or just feel less stressful about the move. In this phone call we will cover:
1. Schools, the educational system and fees.
2. Good areas to live
3. What it means to live with or without a car
4. How to prepare your kids to the move and a new language.
5. How to help your kids after the move.

This is is a one time 1-2 hrs phone call. I ask $60 per phone call. Payment is through PayPal in advance. Contact me to schedule our phone call.