Have you recently made a major move and now you feel uprooted or unsupported?

It can be different: You can feel more connected with your new life and create new roots to your family and community and yourself.

Going through the relocation experience can be very lonely and lacking in the support you really need. People tell you: “Time will heal the pain of the move”, “Kids adapt fast” and so on, so you sit and wait.

How long will it take? How long will it take to get along? How long will it take to connect with the community and enjoy again the little things in your life?  How long will it take to stop missing what you had and start enjoying where you are now?
Some researchers show that feeling at home and letting go of the pain can even take years. But how long are you willing to wait?

Let’s get you home, 

Often times there is a desire to cut yourself off, isolate yourself, when what you want deep down is to find your community and yourself. Now it is time to create new roots, stop feeling restless, let go of the past, and start your new beginning just where you are.

The truth is that there are few easy steps to shorten the waiting period and help you let go of your past and move forward to a new beginning where you all get along, feel more connected and creating roots.

I know, I have been through it,

I moved from Israel to the United States in 2005 with my husband and 2 kids, it took a while to feel like I fit in. When I discovered what I really wanted and took and action on it, that’s when I found home.

Does it have to be this way?
It can, but you can also choose a different path that will give you and your family the keys to:

  • Create a plan to be more involved and connected in your community.
  •  Learn how to have better communication with each of your family members.
  • As a family create a personal plan for each of the family members that will match their needs.
  • Get the support you need so you can be free to support your spouse and children.

By following these key steps you and your family will get a set of tools that will help you to move forward ,feeling more connected to your community, have a better understanding of your children’s and partner’s needs so that you can create together a feeling of home.

Noa (without the letter h), is a very common name for girls in Israel. Noa means movement in Hebrew, and although I am not moving all the time, movement is a big component in my life. Our family moved from Israel to Brooklyn, NY and 8 years after we moved from New York to the Triangle area in North Carolina (you can read more about it in our family blog here). These moves had an enormous influence on the way I live my life and my decision to become a life coach and support people who are going through life transitions since 2010.

Have kids who struggle with the move? I invite you to listen with your kids to the wisdom Amit, my daughter has to share with us about relocation from a child’s point of view, she also has tips for other parents and kids.  Click here to check Amit’s video.

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