What is Immamommy?

Immamommy provides relocation consulting services for families that consider moving to Brooklyn and New York City. Noa Ronen, MBA, has a wide experience helping organizations make smooth transitions dealing with change. In 2005 when Noa moved with her family to Brooklyn she realized that to be an Israeli mother in New York City would not be as easy as she thought and with a lot of persistence she started gathering as much information as she could about how to raise her kids in NYC. Experience followed experience, and suddenly the confusion Noa felt intensified with trying to raise her children in an American culture. More and more questions became answers, and as more people reached for her advice, she realized she needed to share this valuable information with people going through a similar experience. As a result, she decided to combine her previous and current passions into a new one­—helping new families make a fresh start with a smooth and seamless transition. Following meeting with Noa, the family will receive a work plan with certain steps to be followed just for their specific needs.

How do we choose where to live?

First you have to decide what will be the budget for housing solution; next step will be to check how easy it is to commute to work, and schools. Will you take the car? Or riding the train/subway? How far is the train from your office, and from your home? To find more information check this link: http://newyork.craigslist.org/ or https://www.zumper.com/ In the search criteria check the living costs in neighborhood you are interested living in and type the range of the amounts you are willing to pay for housing.

Where can we find areas with Israeli communities?

  • Park Slope, Brooklyn
  • Hoboken, NJ
  • Fairlawn, NJ
  • Tenafly, NJ
  • Riverdale, Bronx
  • Forest Hill, Queens

Are there any Israeli activities in Hebrew that I can send my children to??

Keshet (for children ages 5-7) meets weekly to explore aspects of Israeli identity, Jewish values and holidays in their uniquely Israeli rendering and fluency in the beautiful Hebrew language Where?  Park Slope, Brooklyn. Students learn and engage entirely b’ivrit, in Hebrew, encouraging the development of a rich and personal Israeli identity. http://israelisinbrooklyn.org/our-programs/about-keshet/ KesheTOT is an innovative music, story, art and movement program for infants and toddlers – the first of its kind in the New York area. Here, parents can finally share their love of Israeli songs and stories with their children, bonding while providing a vital aspect of Israeli identity-building. http://israelisinbrooklyn.org/our-programs/about-keshet-tot/ Tzofim Movement (Israeli Scouts) runs Tzofim Tzabar Program. The “Tzabar” reaches youth, ages 9-18 (grades 3-12).. Where?  92nd Y, NYC; Tenafly, NJ; Fairlawn, NJ. Israeli scouts http://www.israelscouts.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=31&Itemid=145

Do you have any tips regarding shipping through container?

First you should check how much the employer is willing to cover for your freight by size, or by cost. If the employer will not cover most of the container expenses I would recommend to ship the kids’ room furniture and toys, this way their transition to their new room will be smoother. Next step sort your cloths, if you didn’t wear something for more than a year donate it or give it to someone you know. Do the same with your shoes, kitchen flatware, cookware and dishes. Beddings? if you know you are about to buy a new bed and mattress don’t bother to bring your bedding, they most likely will not fit to your new bed. When you rent or buy a place in NY city most places will come with appliance like: refrigerator, stove and washing machine (sometimes washer & dryer). Electronic appliance and furniture are not recommended to be shipped, most of them will not work in the US and you don’t know how big the apartment will be to fit your old furniture.  sell them to neighbors, family and friends and with the money you earned buy what you will really need in your new place.

Where can I find Israeli Food?

There is no taste as the taste of home, and there are many delis and supermarkets in the city that sell Israeli ingredients. Fairway http://www.fairwaymarket.com/ – is a big supermarket that has few branches in the city, check the Kosher Food section for Bamba, Shkedey Marak, Pickles, Gamadim, and even Gachnun and Malavach in the frozen food section. HolyLand Market in the East Village sells Israeli ingredients, and products. 122 St. Marks Place. In Brooklyn the supermarket on MacDonald Avenue and Ave I, close to the F train stop on Ave I.

Is it hard to live without a car?

Not at all!!! New York City has everything you need to get from one place to another and the sooner you join the other walkers the faster you will realize that the distance is not as far as it looks. Delivery is part of non car life; you can buy cloth, shoes, diapers, and shampoos and literally anything online, you can ask the cashier to deliver your groceries from the supermarket to your upper flight apartment and you can even buy your groceries online through online supermarkets like Fresh Directs. Car Service is an on call cab service; you ask where to be picked up from and where to go, you will find that mostly this service is cheaper than a taxi. If you need occasionally a car to run your errand, you should consider use car sharing services, like Zipcar. Zipcar is a membership-based carsharing company providing automobile rental to its members, billable by the hour or day.

Can I work in the US?

Only If you have a non immigrant working visa or the alternative an employment authorization card. If you have a non-immigrant visa that does not allow you to work in the United States, you may still be eligible to get permission to work if you have a particular skill that a prospective employer desires. It is not easy, but an immigration lawyer would be able to assist you or your prospective employer to obtain permission. If you are a foreign student with an “F” or “M” visa you must ask your school’s foreign student advisor about permission to work.

How to find a job in the US?

If you are eligible to work in the US, take one step at a time. Begin with asking the guidance to rewrite and edit your resume. Work on a draft of a cover letter you can customize for the jobs you apply for. You Next step will be to start reviewing job listings that match your interests and applying for jobs that are a match. Then start searching online through job listing websites. The top websites are Monster.com and careerbuilder.com. You can also check Jewishjobs.com. Use your social networking  connections through LinkedIn and facebook, and last but not least, use your connections and tell anyone you know that your are searching for a job and ask for their help.

How do you deal with the New York winter?

The actual NY winter weather begins around the last week of November and last until the second week of March. Gradually the temperatures fall down under 30F degrees and can reach 25F in January & February. Therefore you should get ready for winter days. Checklist for cold days: Coats – make sure you get parka or down coats, make sure to check on the label or online the temperature range that can be used for this coat. Coats filled with 100% acrylic will not provide enough protection for cold days make sure to use fleece coat underneath. For the princess that only wants to wear dresses or skirts make sure they have long coats that cover to your knees, 2 layers of tights and warm boots. This way your princess will be baked enough to be eaten 😉 Boots – For cold days the best are warm shoes. For snowy days you should get water proof (which is different from water resistant) boots. To save expenses you can buy rubber boots that are also good for rainy days and buy special thermal fleece socks that are special solution to cut costs on different shoes for rain and snow. The fleece socks isolate the cold through the rubber boots and keep your legs warm on snowy days. Make sure to buy shoes that have rubber sole to make sure you will not slip on icy streets. Winter hat & Gloves that can block wind (fleece or leather) Snow Suit (For Babies/toddlers) – they are usually come with built in gloves and cover for legs. Equipment for the stroller

  • Rain & Wind Stroller cover
  • Bundle Me – keeps your child warm and cozy and transitions seamlessly from car to seat to stroller, with a zip-off top that provides quick and easy access. Bundle Me is a great way to bundle, providing more coverage than a coat and more security than a blanket.

How to get pregnant in NY the smart way?

Before you decide to get pregnant make sure you have health insurance. Check what exactly you will get through your health insurance provider. Did you move to a new workplace and have the same health insurance provider? Make sure to check what package you have with your new employer, remember! Each company gives you a different health insurance package. Your doctor will be the one that will deliver your baby, you can hire a doula that will support you through pregnancy and child delivery, or midwife that will help you deliver your child. These services cost $500 to $1500 and it is not covered by the health insurance. Please Note travel insurance will not cover pregnancy coasts.